Crypto Quotes Now Available in Power Apps & Power Automate via the Aletheia Connector

This week, the Power Platform (Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate) added the out-of-the-box capability of retrieving prices and day trading data for cryptocurrencies. You can now get quotes and live market data for your favorite coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin!\

Use the Aletheia Connector

Provide your Aletheia API Key

Use Aletheia’s “CryptoQuote” Action to Request a Crypto Quote

Examples of symbols you can request:

  • BTC — Bitcoin
  • ETH — Ethereum
  • DOGE — Dogecoin
  • LTC — Litecoin
  • XRP
  • SHIB — Shiba Inu Coin

The above list is in no way exhaustive. There are plenty more you can request data for!

Reference the Quote Properties in the App/Flow

Please note that the price of every cryptocurrency is in US Dollars

Use all of the Data!

Example with Bitcoin (“BTC”):

Example with Dogecoin (“DOGE”):

Get Started!



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