Death Cross Webhook Now Available via Aletheia

A Death Cross in finance occurs when a stock’s short-term moving average sinks below it’s long-term moving average. Typically this is a 50-day moving average for short-term and a 200-day moving average for long-term. The death cross is a tecnical chart pattern which may indicate the potential for a major selloff of a stock. This metric along has proven to be a reliable indicator of many severe bear markets of the past century.

For both opportunistic traders and day traders alike, it is important to be aware of death cross events shortly after they occur. This allows investors to stay ahead of the crowd with their trades or prepare for an upcoming buying opportunity.

Aletheia now provides a Death Cross Webhook that will notify your web service or application upon a Death Cross event occuring.

Both the Bearish and Bullish Cross Type

Aletheia’s Death Cross Webhook is capable of notifying you of both Death Crosses and Golden Crosses. Simply put, a Golden cross occurs when the short-term moving average rises above the long-term moving average.
Tracking both death and golden crosses for a stock is important to stay ahead of both sell-off and breakout events.

Granular Subscription Specification

When subscribing to the Death Cross Webhook, you are able to fine-tune your subscription to only a specific stock or only a specific cross type. For example, if you only wanted to be notified of events in which $TSLA sinks into bearish territory (the short-term MA sinks below the long-term MA), this is possible! Or perhaps you only want to be notified when $GE returns to bullish territory (when the short-term MA rises above the long-term MA).

Alternatively, you can not specify a stock or cross type and simply be notified of all death cross events across the market.

Subscribing to and Consuming the Death Cross Webhook Service

The documentation on Aletheia’s documentation page explains the subscription process very well. It is a simple three step process: 1) subscribe your endpoint to the service, 2) receive HTTP post calls when death crosses occur, and 3) unsubscribe your endpoint when you wish to unsubscribe. That’s it!

Example notification payload (body of POST request to your web service):

In the example above, the stock you are being notified about is $ALLE, Allegion. A CrossType of 0 is a death cross (bearish) while a CrossType of 1 is a golden cross (bullish).



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