Insider Trading Trigger Now Available in Power Automate

Aletheia’s Insider Trading Webhook is now available as a trigger in Power Automate!

This trigger will allow you to have automated flows that are automatically triggered when an insider trade of a company of interest is reported to the SEC. Your flow will be triggered within seconds of the trade being made publicly available.

As seen above, the trigger has four parameters:

  • Company — Narrow your trigger down to a particular company. For example, if you specify “FB”, your flow will only be triggered from insider trades in Facebook.

For example, the above configuration will trigger your flow when a purchase of Apple ($AAPL) common stock is made and reported by Tim Cook (CIK 1214156), Apple’s CEO.

Keep in mind that you can also choose to not specify any of the above parameters. In doing this, the triggers to your workflow will not be constrained to the company, insider, transaction type, or security type. For example:

The Owner and Transaction Type parameters are omitted in the above configuration. As such, your workflow will now be triggered by any insider trade of common stock (equity-based) of Apple stock.

You could just as easily remove the trading symbol or security type to be notified of insider trading for any company of any security type.



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