Introducing Aletheia’s Earnings Call API

Aletheia’s new Earnings Call API service was made available for public consumption this week! In this article we will take a closer look at the service, what it can provide to you, and where it is heading.

You can find the documentation for the service on Aletheia’s documentation page.

The Earnings Call Service

The earnings call API service was built around the capability of providing 1) full earnings call transcripts in their entirety, and 2) cutting through the noise by providing you with the most notable quotes from each call.

As of the time of this writing, over 27,000 earnings calls are available for over 3,700 companies going back to 2017. Over 3.1 million spoken remarks have been recorded from over 86,000 executives and have been individually analyzed and extracted of notable sentiment, financial data, guidance, and more.

As mentioned above, the earnings calls are available for consumption in two formats which will be discussed below.

Search the Earnings Call Database

Documentation here

The first endpoint gives you the ability to search the database for earnings call transcripts that are available for consumption. For example, if you wanted to see what calls are available for Microsoft ($MSFT), you do that here.

Example: GET


The request above searched the database for earnings calls for Microsoft ($MSFT) in fiscal year 2020. All four quarters are available!

Now that you know what is available, you can request content for this call with the next two endpoints.

Earnings Call Transcript Content

Documentation here

This endpoint provides the raw earnings call content. If your desire is to simply access raw earnings call content through an API, this is your endpoint.

Each call to this service will provide you with the earnings call contextual data (what company it corresponds to, the date of the earnings call, etc.) and a series of spoken remarks by call participants. Each spoken remark will contain contextual data about who said it, in what sequence it was spoken in, and the remark itself.

Example: GET

The above example is requesting spoken remarks #8 through #11 (four total) of Microsoft’s Q1 earnings call from Fiscal Year 2020. By manipulating the begin and end parameters of the request, you can paginate through the earnings call to access the full transcript.

Earnings Call Highlights

Documentation here

The final endpoint is for those who want to cut through the noise of the earnings call and see the remarks that specifically are the most notable or important. At the time of transcript processing, Aletheia scans and analyzes every spoken remark and highlights the notable pieces for multiple categories. This means that you can request the most notable remarks regarding revenue, cash flow, guidance, EPS, and more.

Example: GET

In the above call we are requesting the most notable quotes related to guidance from Microsoft’s Q1 2020 earnings call. Aletheia will provide the quote, the speaker details, and a list of highlights from that spoken remark. Each highlight indicates the beginning position and ending position of the notable portion of the remark. Each highlight will also contain a Rating property; this property serves as a rating of how strongly the language processing model believes this to be relevant to the category.

The category parameter is an integer-based ID that represents a category of topics. You can find the categories on the documentation page.

Free and Available over REST API

The service is free to use for private developers and is available over a REST API, meaning it is accessible from virtually any programming language or development stack. Register for an account to start using the service now!



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