Introducing the Insider Trading Webhook on Aletheia API

Tim Hanewich
4 min readJun 28, 2021


This past week I brought Aletheia’s new Insider Trading Webhook service to general availability. This webhook provides any developer of any technology the ability to register their unique URL endpoint and receive notifications of new insider trades as soon as they are reported to the Securities Exchange Commission. The service is free to use! In this article I will be covering this new webhook and it’s abilities.

Specific Subscription Registration

The new Insider Trading webhook provides you the ability to specify what types of insider trading activity you would like to be notified of.

Insider trades only within Facebook ($FB)? Buys only? Publicly traded common stock or derivative contracts? Stock grants? Or a combination of all criteria? All of this is possible with Aletheia’s flexible webhook subscription process. You can be as specific as you want, or simply ask to be notified of all insider trades at any company.

As a developer, you probably know that the first step in subscribing to a webhook is to provide your URL endpoint to the service. You will specify these details during the webhook registration step.

The code snippet above depicts the POST call you will make to the Aletheia API to subscribe to the webhook. The endpoint property is your unique endpoint that will be called when new trades arrive. As seen above, you can easily specify what trades you would like to be notified of. The above body is asking for trades of Microsoft ($MSFT) stock by Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, (SEC-assigned CIK ID 1513142), and only sales of equity-based securities.

If you don’t want to be as narrow as any of these specifications, simply set the property values as null or just omit them entirely. For example, if you omit the issuer property, you will get insider transaction notifications for any transaction, regardless of what company it is for.

The available transactionType and securityType values can be found here.

Detailed Insider Trading Data Payload

Following registration, you will start receiving calls from the Aletheia webhook when insider trades occur that meet your subscription criteria. Below is an example the data payload that would be supplied to you:

  • The SecEntities property lists the entities related in these transactions. This will contain the company (with a trading symbol) and insider that made this transaction.
  • The SecFilings property lists the SEC filings that these insider transactions originated from. This way you can go back to the SEC filing yourself!
  • The HeldOfficerPositions property will list the titles (if any) that are carried by the insider. For example, if the insider were titled “CEO” in the filing document, you would see that held title here.
  • The SecurityTransactionHoldings lists the insider trades (or reported transactions) that that were reported in the filing and therefore triggered your webhook subscription.

The ID properties provides you the ability to trace back an associate between a transaction and an SEC filing, an owner and a position title, a relationship between SEC filing and a person/company, etc.

Easily Unsubscribe

It is extremely easy to formerly unsubscribe your endpoint from the webhook! When you subscribed to the webhook, a URL that is specific to your endpoint will be provided in the headers. This property is labeled “Location” and will look like this:

Simply make a DELETE call to this specified URL to have your webhook subscription removed. Lost that request? No problem! Make a call to the same endpoint but instead provide your subscribed URL to the endpoint property. For example:

Instantaneous Notifications

This service is guaranteed to give you an edge when it comes to being in the know about insider trading activity. Our notifications of insider trading is near-instantaneous. You will be notified of new insider trades within seconds of the trades being reported to the Securities Exchange Commission.

The service is FREE

You can use this webhook service at no cost. You can register for a developer account here and start consuming Aletheia’s API service for free within minutes.

Air-Tight Documentation

Aletheia also provides descriptive documentation for each endpoint service, and that includes the Insider Trading Webhook. You can find the documentation for the insider trading webhook here. The documentation describes the three steps to using the service and provides sample payloads.

What are you waiting for? Register for an account and try it out!



Tim Hanewich

Technical Specialist @ Microsoft