Key Performance Indicators Now Available from Aletheia’s Earnings Call API

a hand clicking on a button that says KPI

Aletheia’s Earnings Call endpoint, providing Earnings Call transcripts over a free-to-use HTTP API, can also now provide Key Performance Indicators.

Each earnings call transcript is now being analyzed by a sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine during the processing stage. A proprietary algorithm has been developed to contextual the content in each earnings call. The algorithm searches for line items, product lines, key metrics, and more, that were stated by management as having increased, decreased, reached a point, etc. Upon finding these examples, the algorithm parses the plain remark into three components: the subject (what is being talked about), the status (what happened to the subject), and the value (the dollar figure or percentage which the subject is being measured by).

When requested via Aletheia’s EarningsCall endpoint, the Key Performance Indicator data will be included in the JSON response. The following as an example of how the KeyPerformanceIndicator property will be appended to the SpokenRemark array, listing the detected KPI’s for this particular spoken remark:

example of KPI’s in the EarningsCall API response

For each KPI in the response, data about the subject, status, and value will be provided in multiple formats:

Using the offset and length properties above, one could easily highlight the specific KPI components in the spoken remark in a graphical user interface.

Free and Available over REST API

The service is free to use for private developers and is available over a REST API, meaning it is accessible from virtually any programming language or development stack. Register for an account to start using the service now!



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